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A bit about what I do 


I write Empowering Fantasy Adventure Novels for Young & New Adults about Sëers, Seekers, Sorcerers and Mystics that follow smart, sensitive, determined young women on quests for truth and freedom, and explore our connection with nature and each other. Always, of course, with a little Romance along the way...


I'm also an actress & filmmaker, and co-create labyrinth movies with my brother

that explore the deeper mysteries of our existence and consciousness, about individuals who transcend the self-limiting mechanisms of the mind that hold them in cycles of suffering, and reclaim their true power within.
Together, we co-founded
Light Dance Productions.

Recent Press 

 'Artist of the Month' Feature Article by Regional Arts W.A ~ 

Regional Artist Profile: Sita Bennett - Regional Arts WA

A Radio Interview where I talked a bit about my books, creative process, and what being an independent author\publisher involves ~








The Mitote film trailer

"Thought-provoking, Eye-opening, Unique..."

~ IMDB Review


A 30-minute experimental short, co-written and created by Frank & Sita Bennett, about the six main characters of the human mind that, based on ancient Toltec wisdom, cause most of our suffering.

 Mind-bending. Labyrinth. Mysticism  



'Reality' starts to appear less real as Max wakes up to the illusionary nature of existence through a series of seeings into the subconscious mind...





The wheel of Samsara spins.

Through multiple lives we travel, forgetting what came before, unaware of this repetitive cycle to which we are bound.

What if there was a dance that opened a doorway to the infinite possibility that lay beyond?

A Surreal, 30-minute Mysticism Film co-written & created by Sita & Frank Bennett, staring Sita.


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"If you, or someone you know is quieter than most, intelligent, observant, a sensitive, this book is a dream find... It is the journey of a shy girl stepping boldly into her personal power as life unfolds chaotically around her."

- Goodreads Review


"Wow. It's rare that I find a dystopian novel that is equally a utopian one. And this one is the most spiritual one I can remember reading in a while. This is especially poignant now with the situation around the world...If you only read one dystopian novel this year - please make it this one! You won't be disappointed. "

- Goodreads Review

"Beautiful, Mysterious, Magical, Powerful, Heartfelt, Honest..."

- Goodreads Review

"A story of our time without a doubt. Can’t wait for the next book from Sita Bennett !"

- Amazon Review


"Bennet adds Tolkien-like world-building to a YA dystopia akin to Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. Elements of environmentalism and yoga philosophy are woven throughout. The fantasy and science fiction elements add interest and prove that Bennett isn’t too self-serious..." 

- Picking Books, Book Blog

Maya of the In Between Novel

"I was hanging to read this book after finishing 'Maya of the In-Between' and wow was I blown away. I was given an advanced copy of the book for an honest review and yet again I am speechless in an attempt to encapsulate everything Sita's writing makes me feel.


The story that follows Ember's journey to unite with the four sorcerers is one of heartbreak, pure and authentic love & lust, danger and bliss. Embers character is so relatable even though she lives a very different life than most of us.


Her brutal, unapologetic nature is inspiring and eye-opening and the ways in which she sees the world with newborn eyes completely sucks you into her experiences as though they are your own.

Before reading Sita's works I believed novels and fiction books to mostly serve the purpose of entertainment and as a means of escape. I mostly lent towards non-fiction as I wanted to feel as though I could take something away, like a new insight, from the book I was reading.


Sita Bennett so gracefully showed me the power of storytelling, and just how much can shift when you fully allow yourself to dive into a novel.



sita bennett



I'm interested in the natural world, the intricacies of the human psyche,  & ancient practices that have the power to unveil higher consciousness and help us breach the limits of ordinary perception such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, painfully honest self-inquiry, & the most powerful teacher I've yet discovered; Silence.


On a personal note,  this life to me is an endless exploration into the depths of what it truly means to live richly in Love, Inner Peace, Stillness & Contentment. Awake. Alive. Uninhibited. Free.


And creativity is the means to express the inexpressible.

A chronic illness when I was 16 was one of life's greatest blessings-in-disguise, for it forced me to stop, allowing time to get lost in art, books & writing. It also provoked an inward journey of healing that delved far deeper than my physical body and continues to deepen.


When I was having little success with traditional doctors, I began an exploration into many avenues of holistic & inner healing. On my blog I share practices, rituals, recipes & lifestyle changes that have enriched my life dramatically. I also now teach yoga & meditation, & help run retreats for the Inner Peace Foundation of W.A.


You don't have to get sick to realize your only living out a fraction of your true potential. 


My books, films and blog are created primarily for the seekers, the sensitives, the introverts, empaths, and the innately curious. For those who sense a richer existence available and long to embody it fully.


Love, Sita 

A little more About Me and my Blog

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Somewhere in South-West Australia.
Tel: 0497 207 327

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