Maya of the New World - Book by Sita Bennett

Book two in the epic

Maya Rising

Eco fantasy adventure series

Maya, Björn, and the small tribe of humans who survived the Old World’s End in the dimension of Santōṣha return to earth, but it is not the earth they remember...


After ecological imbalance and excessive industrialisation resulted in a climate disaster wiping the planet of human civilisation, the land is bare. Nature has only begun to regenerate and the returning humans must learn to survive in harsh, desolate conditions.

When Maya gets separated from her tribe, she is sure she won't survive alone. But her unlikely companionship with a wild bear becomes a source of strength.


The threat of Sky Consciousness hangs more heavily than ever in the air now that the planet is vulnerable. And there are many mysteries that Maya must uncover, including metaphysical powers that have been dormant within her.


But she alone cannot defeat the Sky Consciousness. And she won't.


There are four others with powers that compliment hers. Who are they? And how will she find them on a desolate planet?

"A Story of our time without a doubt!"
- Amazon Review

"A Love Letter To Our Natural World."
- Amazon Review

 " Every young adult who is exploring their views on humanity, personal truths, and other worldly influences should read this book."
- Amazon Review

Coming on Earth Day - April 2022
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