Yoga With Sita
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Sita started practicing yoga at the age of 14 with her father, and now teaches weekly classes in South Western Australia. She also teaches at meditation retreats for the Inner Peace Foundation of  W.A.



The core focus of her classes rests upon leading yogi's through a challenging Vinyassa flow that, through surrender, allows for the unlocking and opening of the heart and deep presence.

"There’s something about Sita's classes that I’ve never experienced at a Yoga class before.


I’ve practiced with many different teachers but there's just something her guidance that I am yet to come across anywhere else, nor do I think I’ll look further as I have found her as a teacher.

It's beyond words and beyond simply the postures. Her direction and subtle reminders to look within connects me to some of the deepest moments of being, space, silence, and love that I experience.


I would recommend her to any individual or studio seeking a teacher, as she has transformed my practice and my life in ways I could not have imagined and I never feel more at home in my core than at the end of her classes. " 

~ Ginny Paris

“Yoga with Sita is so hearty. As well as being dedicated to the Yogi Path, she is dedicated to supporting the healing of others. It is transformational Yoga, one that your heart can sink into, that points you towards true quietness inside ”


“My experience of doing over a year of regular yoga with Sita is down to earth, honest, gentle, powerful true yoga. Her inner stillness is felt, and invites people in to meet her there. She holds space with effortless grace.”


~ Jamie Lumsdaine

"Sita is a fantastic yoga teacher. She runs through each session with this fantastic flow and presence. And while she has absolutely incredible skill, I still feel completely comfortable as a beginner to learn from her and make mistakes without becoming self-conscious.


She's really warm, and always happy to help - and it really shows! I'd highly recommend her to anyone that's interested in learning yoga, and especially how to flow with yoga."

~ Alex Guglielmo


"I have been doing Yoga with Sita quite regularly over the last six months. I love her ability to cater for all level of student, and her style and pace seems perfect.


She is very capable, and brings a unique calmness to the class.

I can highly recommend Sita as a Yoga instructor, and she would be a valuable addition to any Yoga studio."


~ Julian Hunt





~ A Silent Retreat for the Inner Peace Foundation of WA
 where I teach Morning Vinyassa Yoga & Meditation ~
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