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A 30-minute experimental short, co-written and created by siblings Mana & Sita Bennett, about the six main characters in the human mind that, based on ancient Toltec wisdom, cause most of our suffering.




'Reality' starts to appear less real as Max wakes up to the illusionary nature of existence through a series of seeings into her subconscious mind.


Spanning across four dimensions of consciousness, the inner workings of Max's mind are revealed through an exploration into her subconscious, dream state, waking state and finally a state of hyper-awakeness, where what she's always believed to be reality begins to feel more like another version of dreaming.


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"You know those stories that leave you researching for HOURS after watching? Well, The Mitoté is exactly one of those!" - Miranda Macpherson


"I was speechless after this film.

A creative piece touching on ideas that I get very excited about. Can't wait to watch it again with more people to evoke epic conversation. I'll be watching this space!" - Ko-Fi Donator

" Brilliant! Chills all over! Cry’s! Perfect! Deeply soul-touching, perfect acting and relatable. 

The mood and camera setting is outstanding. I loved how the scenes flowed together. It’s a creative masterpiece! Wow. " Sophie Scott, Ko-Fi Donator

" During such strange times, this Film is more appropriate than ever.

This surrealist short film by my dear friends will flip the script in your mind. I would not write this "just to be nice" as many of you know, this is legitimately an incredible film.


It has a power in it that can only be experienced.


Uncovering an ancient teaching from the Toltec Tradition of Ancient Mexico. One of the, if not THE most powerful teachings I found in my seeking & may pop open some doorways for the viewer. The Mitote (The Committee).

It is super powerful on many levels and reveals much deeper truths of the mind & existence in an amazing way.


Mana Bennett's (Director, Co-Writer etc etc) original music throughout is incredible, as is the acting. " - Rohan Heaton


" Wow... Just Wow.  My mind is a little bit blown... I just finished watching this and I am left in a kind of profound silence I don't often experience after a film, while at the same time so many deep contemplations about life, the mind, existence...


Just wanted to come on here and say, for anyone who likes labyrinth films that make you contemplate reality, definitely watch this! " - Tabby H, IMDB Review





With Love,
Mana & Sita x