Five Sorcerers. One purpose. One chance.

And One Determined, Fire-Bending Woman with a Warrior Heart,


Reluctant to be Distracted by Love . . .


Brother and sister Heng and Ember, benders of air and fire, must travel across continents and realms to find their cluster before the night of the Upasārjanā. Only then, when the planets align can they lift the veil of illusion that has trapped human consciousness since the Shadows of Sky People took control of their mind’s centuries ago.


But this is not their first attempt.


Lifetime after lifetime the Five Sorcerers have re-incarnated to complete their purpose. And lifetime after lifetime, they have failed. — Murdered by Black Mage’s determined to defend the veil.

With each new birth the Sorcerers forget all that’s come before, only to return with the same unfinished business.


In this lifetime, they must all awaken to the memories, trials and deaths of every life past, and re-integrate with the power of the element they each embody. As Earth’s last true light bearers, humanity’s freedom lies upon them, and all of nature has conspired to help them.


They’re so close.


But another force greater than anything they could have foreseen arises, mother of all Shadows.

Will this be the end, or yet another cycle of life and death?

From The Publisher



She Who Rose From Ashes is a fast-paced and unpredictable Fantasy Adventure inspired by Eastern Mysticism and Timeless Wisdom from Ancient Cultures, about a Cluster of Misfits with Ancient Powers from across the globe, who have cycled through multiple Reincarnations with the seemingly impossible mission to lift humanity out of an age of self-inflicted destruction.

At its heart, it's a young woman's Awakening of Consciousness, and a story of Camaraderie, speaking to our Power as humans to transform Darkness into Light when united in Love over Fear. 

...And it's a Slow-Burn Love Story...

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More Reader Reviews
"I was given an advanced copy of this book for an honest review... and I LOVED IT! This book was more fast-paced than the first book I read by Sita Bennett. The characters appear almost dark and mystical, immediately drawing me in. Perfectly aimed at young adults with imperfect pasts (who's isn't?), who are walking toward a path of heart and truth!"
"I was hooked from the first page... No, the first sentence.
And did not want to put it down until the last.
It is not only an enchanting fantasy filled with elemental magic and layered, multicultural characters who feel truly real, it is also action-packed and full of mystery and suspense.
I would almost label it 'Dark Fantasy', but while the cluster have questionable and morally grey pasts, they are driven by the purest of Light, and over their journey of transformation, become embodiments of Light itself...."

"Gripping. Powerful. Filled with Eastern Wisdom.

I LOVE the way the book crosses continents and explores different cultures. The Mystic cluster are all of different races and backgrounds, but connected by the same force of magic and purpose. From Australia to Taiwan, Iceland and Nepal. The different locations each bring a different essence and sense of aliveness which makes you feel like your travelling with them. The cluster are all element benders, fire, water, air, spirit, earth, and the entire book honours the power of nature in a really vivid way.

Ember, the lead character is a force of nature herself. She's determined, strong-willed and fiercely independent. She has a complicated past that she's running from, but learns to also be vulnerable through a beautiful, heart-opening romantic sub-plot with a smart, kind, hot Icelandic man. I could feel the power of her spirit through the pages and was left feeling so inspired by all her layers and depth.

There are many spiritual wisdoms and mystical truths weaved through-out the page-turning fantasy adventure for those who look. All the main characters are on some kind of spiritual journey and awakening of consciousness, which has made the book stay on my mind in a deeper way than other general fantasy novels.

Sita Bennett is absolutely my new favourite author. Her work is so unique, and I really hope others who like me, seek good spiritual and metaphysical fiction find her books! They are treasures that speak to my heart in a rare way."


"A tightly crafted and unputdownable story that explores the cycle of life and death and the idea of past life trauma in a very interesting, unique way.
I've never ready anything like it. Even though it's a fantasy, it helped me understand certain parts of my own psyche and experiences with unseen phenomena that I thought were outside of understanding.


The characters were complex, flawed and real, and written with a sense of honest emotionality and heart that made me feel like a part of their world and mystical quest.
I also loved their connection with nature, and the way the writer used nature as the source of all magic."


"I was hanging to read this book after finishing 'Maya of the In-Between' and wow was I blown away. I was given an advanced copy of the book for an honest review and yet again I am speechless in an attempt to encapsulate everything Sita's writing makes me feel.


The story that follows Ember's journey to unite with the four sorcerers is one of heartbreak, pure and authentic love & lust, danger and bliss. Embers character is so relatable even though she lives a very different life than most of us. Her brutal, unapologetic nature is inspiring and eye-opening and the ways in which she sees the world with newborn eyes completely sucks you into her experiences as though they are your own.

Before reading Sita's works I believed novels and fiction books to mostly serve the purpose of entertainment and as a means of escape. I mostly lent towards non-fiction as I wanted to feel as though I could take something away, like a new insight, from the book I was reading. Sita Bennett so gracefully showed me the power of storytelling, and just how much can shift when you fully allow yourself to dive into a novel.


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