Five Sorcerers. One purpose. One chance.

And one fiercely determined young woman.

Brother and sister Heng and Ember, benders of air and fire, must travel across continents and realms to find their cluster before the night of the Upasārjanā.

Only then, when the planets align can they lift the veil of illusion that has trapped human consciousness since the Shadows of Sky People took control of their mind’s centuries ago.


But this is not their first attempt.


Lifetime after lifetime the Five Sorcerers have re-incarnated to complete their purpose. And lifetime after lifetime, they have failed. — Murdered by Black Mage’s determined to defend the veil.

With each new birth the Sorcerers forget all that’s come before, only to return with the same unfinished business.


In this lifetime, they must all awaken to the memories, trials and deaths of every life past, and re-integrate with the power of the element they each embody. As Earth’s last true light bearers, humanity’s freedom lies upon them, and all of nature has conspired to help them.


They’re so close.


But another force greater than anything they could have foreseen arises, mother of all Shadows.

Will this be the end, or yet another cycle of life and death?

~ A Spiritual Fantasy Adventure Novel for Truth & Freedom Seekers ~

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© 2019 by Sita Bennett. 

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