When did you loose connection to the love that you are?

Updated: Mar 24

We were born of love, as love, created by the act of love merging. Maybe you remember what it felt like to live in that state of unconditional love as a child. The sense of lightness, open-heartedness, freedom. The capacity to fall in love with anyone, anything, at anytime. Fall in love with life itself, as it is, for no reason.

Because there was an understanding, without being conceptually understood by words or thought, that that's what you were. Before the labels and the programming.

Radiant. Buoyant. Joyous. Spontaneous. Free.

This is the natural state. Maybe you still live there. Maybe you live there often. Maybe you barely remember what it feels like. None of that detracts from the fact that it's still there, infinitely as radiant, but over time we're taught to diverge our attention onto other 'more important' aspects of life. We're taught happiness is found in worldly success, and that love is limited to relationships.

We forget that we're already happy, we're already love, and leave the sweetness of this warm home to join the chase, to play the game. Because at some point we're programmed to believe that's what humans do. And we're human, so... ?

So we lean further and further forward, out of love, and into the world of things. Of reward and punishment. Of pleasure and desire. Of craving and aversion. Longing to be seen, heard, recognised. To be someone. Someone special.

We become puppets of our biology, the intense drive to find a worthy mate, and the social systems that govern the part of world we live in.

The bane of our very existence becomes bent and twisted. For upon deeper examination, while we're outwardly seeking specialness and pleasure and romantic partnerships that will progress our lineages, often what we're really seeking is love. Love and happiness. The love we sense is available. Just hidden now. And we're desperate to find it again. Desperate only because we forgot. Forgot that it's still here. It's within. There's nothing to do, and no one to be. There is no rock to look under and no special person to meet.

It's you. It's me. It's the very substance that breathes life into all existence. Beneath the breath. Before the inhale. Within the silence behind all sound and the stillness beneath all movement.

Now all that's to be done is unpeel each belief, desire and behavioural pattern that has and that has covered it. And when we rediscover it, may we rest. Forever in the deep peace of our heart.

Simplicity. Patience. Compassion. Care. Gentleness. Nurturing. You are worthy of rediscovering the love and joy that wells inside you, waiting to be expressed. To play. To love. As love. The love that you are.

Love Sita