Tonight is the Night!

Updated: Mar 24

In just a few hours The Mitoté will be released on Vimeo!

The Mitoté is a 30-minute experimental short, co-written and created in partnership with my brother Frank Bennett. We had planned to screen it at film festivals before a public release, but when the pandemic happened, we decided to release it for free on Vimeo for anyone looking for more thought-provoking entertainment during isolation...

"Mind-bending & Enlightening" —IMDB

Reality starts to appear less real as Max wakes up to the illusionary nature of existence through a series of seeings into her subconscious mind.

Spanning across four dimensions of consciousness, the inner workings of Max's mind are revealed through an exploration into her subconscious, dream state, waking state and finally a state of hyper-awakeness, where what she's always believed to be reality begins to feel more like another version of dreaming.

Free on Vimeo HERE from the 13/05/2020

You can check out the IMDB page to read a few early screening reviews.

If the film moves you in any way and you feel inspired to leave a review, like or comment it would contribute so much to the life of the film! We are indie filmmakers and this is our first short, so anything to help us spread word is so truly appreciated :)

Love, Sita