There is a Sun in your Chest, and a Diamond in your Heart...

Updated: May 18

Can you feel it?

You want to know something that astonishes me? Something I can't even let myself contemplate too often because the more I do, the less sense any of this world we live in makes.

Why is it that the simplest, most profound, and divine truth of our very existence is so unheard of, untaught, unknown in the western world? How has it been possible for the most beautiful, perfect truth of being here, alive on earth, to have been lost over time? The diamond, the treasure of life itself, hidden from mainstream knowledge.

We, as the general collective western society, have become so consumed in the material world, the physical, that we have lost connection with the rich, vast, fascinating, vibrant and divine existence of all that's unseen. The energy world. The realm where intuition, sense, emotion, feeling live. The realm that dictates all that occurs in the physical. Before the mind, before any action we take, is a spike of energy that pushes us one way or another.

Do you know what I'm talking about? I'm sure if you're sensitive and self-aware of your body you'd understand experientially the way that thoughts and the mind are only a fraction of what unfolds moment to moment, yet we think it has ultimate control over us.

We think it is us.

We think it's all we are.

And so we live in that tiny fraction of existence, perceiving the world through a telescope that's colored by our history and limited by our unexamined, believed beliefs. Therefore perceiving the world through deluded, polluted lenses, for if we are projecting on to every moment, every relationship, our history, and the experiences of our past, then we are not truly seeing and experiencing the reality of what's in front of us as it is.

We create a personalized illusion, and as a result we suffer. We miss the exquisite beauty, the vibrancy, the color, the life, the LOVE, the simplicity, because we're too busy analyzing and labeling, seeking approval, acknowledgment, acceptance, stuck in the head. Looking for love in the world, from others, because at some point we forgot that love we seek is already within.

Only within.

What if there was a space that lays deeper than the mind where a vaster experience of reality is possible?

The space where love is effortless. Where true and simple joy, contentment, and peace is abundant. Is experienced without having to be or do anything special. No achievement required. The simple joy of just being here, on this extraordinary planet.



Have you ever noticed the way that none of those feelings are experienced by the mind? They require total body presence, a bursting open of the heart, a beaming of the chest, an invigoration of the eternal sun that's resting within, waiting patiently to be re-discovered. Uncovered.

And it is your birthright to rediscover this ever-present, eternal sun that is your true being. There is no one being on earth that is more worthy of returning there than any other, it favors no one for it is all. It merely asks of you to drop all your own perceptions and misconceptions about who you are, who you are supposed to be in this world, and return there, home.

Love. Freedom.

In stillness, in true silence, you will find Oneness. Nothing. Everything. The very same oneness that has been found by all on this path who penetrate deep enough into the truth of what we are.

Exquisite. Divine. Eternal.

But at the same time, none of those things.

Just is-ness.





Are you here with me now?

Love Sita