The Power of Cold Water Therapy

Updated: Mar 24

Present. Invigorated. Alert. Alive.

Energy moving. Life-Force flowing. Heart beaming!

Thus is my experience of the feeling surging through every cell after a simple swim in ice cold water.

Addictions and cravings for substances ~ drugs, caffeine, sugar, food, adrenaline~ arise, often out of a desperation to be stimulated into life.

We often forget there is an infinite source of life resting within that can be returned to at any moment. And when we return, there is no need for any substance. You may likely have the experience that substances cheapen and interfere with the true, unlimited and intangible electricity that flows through our veins, through every channel of our being, ever-present waiting for us to simply tap in.

I am no scientist. If you care to understand on an intellectual level what happens to the body when we step out of the comfort of our resting warmth and into the shock of a cold environment, Wim Hoff is your Ice master. He’s covered it in true and tangible depth. These words I write only come from direct experience, from years of waking up at the crack of dawn, stepping out in the twilight air, and jumping in the freezing ocean or lake. A ritual that has not only provided me the energy to meet the day with full awareness and high clarity, but has become a deep healing on many levels, both physical and spiritual.

Paired with yoga, meditation and brutally honest internal investigation, ice water has helped me clear the muck and the mess that limited my experience to a lower frequency of being, and allowed me to wake up to higher states of consciousness I never knew existed.

Conscious positive action when met with total surrender seems to be the sweet spot of both healing, and true self-discovery. Surrender of the smaller self to the ‘bigger’ self. Surrender of the mind ~ the dysfunctional aspect of mind that feeds us negative, self-depreciating thoughts and limiting beliefs.

For while ice baths are incredibly powerful at naturally shaking off and clearing our system of negative energy and illness, without our willingness to surrender and let go of the tension, pain and beliefs we hold onto both in body and mind, our negative thinking patterns will return and create that same sense of fogginess in only the matter of time it takes us to return to our self-sabotaging habits.

So it is with that in heart, that I encourage you ~ if you are on a path of healing and self-transformation ~ to let go, allow yourself to unravel, surrender your addictions, cravings and attachments to your greater desire for freedom and higher consciousness, and higher states of consciousness will meet you there, according to the strength of your intent.

You will find yourself creeping closer to the true livelihood, vibrancy, and unconditional joy within us all, our natural state of love, buoyancy, energy, happiness.

Examine that that confines you into limited thinking, and thus limited being. Let go and allow yourself to expand into all that you are, to explore the infinite consciousness that rest beyond the reality we are taught to live in and accept as all there is.

If you are brave enough to discard the beliefs of the mainstream that have most likely, through translation become your own, you will experience for yourself the true vastness that you are. ~ So vast it can never be condensed into beliefs or labels.

If you are brave enough to disregard all dysfunctional and negative thinking patterns, you might find as many have before, that silence is the doorway to true freedom. Holding on tight to that that you believe to be real and important right now may not suit your tomorrow.

Stay fresh. Refresh. Dive into the cold waters of an ocean or river, bath in an ice bath or shower, and allow it to wash away all that’s come before, returning always to the now that is crisp, clear, clean, alive, exuberant, sharp, exquisite.

Presence. Shock your body and your being into true presence. Wake up. Stay awake.

The moment you wake up tomorrow, before thinking, jump straight into a cold shower. You may not need coffee. You may actually bi-pass that hour or so of morning lethargy. You may simply wake up, and stay awake. And your efficiency, ability, cognition, general health and energy will increase. I promise.