She Who Rose From Ashes ~ Author Interview

Updated: Mar 24

Today, I'm sharing an interview with my publicist, Kerry Mcduling as part of preparation for the Press Release of my latest book, She Who Rose From Ashes.

There have been a few articles coming out about the book, including this one by F Magazine - a platform dedicated to 'Celebrating Female Success' -

She Who Rose From Ashes is fast-paced and unpredictable Fantasy Adventure inspired by Eastern Mysticism and Timeless Wisdom from Ancient Cultures, about a Cluster of Five Misfits with Ancient Elemental Powers from across the globe, who have cycled through multiple Reincarnations with the seemingly impossible mission to lift humanity out of an age of self-inflicted destruction.

At its heart, it's a young woman's Awakening of Consciousness, and a story of Camaraderie, speaking to our Power as humans to transform Darkness into Light when united in Love over Fear.

...And it's a Slow-Burn Love Story...

Why did you feel you needed to write this particular story?

It began as a feeling. A flame in my chest. A scream. A sense of power that wanted to be fully realized. A burning desire for freedom...

To be honest, I am a ‘discovery writer.’ I can’t sit down and plan out the plot or themes or character arcs. When I try, I often get blocked. The joy and magic in writing for me is allowing the character take me on an adventure, and navigate through all the challenges with her, as her. It’s a thoughtless process. Intuitive. I’m aware it sounds strange, but I think it also helps steer me away from rigid or predictable story-lines. I get honestly surprised by where the character leads me, even though I’m the one writing it!

In She Who Rose From Ashes, I trusted the epic sense of power that I felt through the protagonist, Ember to lead me on an interesting journey.

In my first novel, the protagonist, Maya, was soft, sensitive, introverted, shy. Being a multi-dimensional fantasy, her journey of transformation was in realising her more ‘feminine’ ability to sense and feel what lived beneath the surface of the one-dimensional reality she was born into, was her power. She’s very pure of heart and quite innocent.

Ember’s power came from her determination, tenacity and unbending intent to complete her purpose. Both characters are rebels in different ways, not swayed by the pressures of society to be or act or conform to any certain ‘cookie-cutter’ way. And their stories both revolve around a higher purpose that lifts all of humanity, not self-serving. But Ember was more direct and bold. She had a lot more pain and trauma to navigate through. Her journey of transformation was equally one of healing and letting go of ‘darkness’, as it was stepping forward into light. I think that’s what makes her relatable - she is flawed.

One of the book reviewers expressed it well;

“...The characters appear almost dark and mystical, immediately drawing me in. Perfectly aimed at young adults with imperfect pasts (who's isn't?), who are walking toward a path of heart and truth!” - Goodreads Review

Do you have a story of transformation yourself?

I think over the course of anyone’s life, transformation is inevitable. People with an introspective nature seem to more actively seek transformation while others might be pushed into it by circumstance. So far, I have stories of both. Growing up, I was extremely quiet, introverted, introspective and sensitive to the world around me. I felt weak because of it, or like something was wrong with me because everyone else around me always seemed to know exactly what to say and how to act. I felt a bit alien.

A pivotal shift for me has been going from that sense of uncertainty within, to a complete acceptance of my natural way. It is obvious now that there is no one right way to be, and suffering is the only outcome when we resist our true selves.

My practice of yoga, and a dear meditation mentor helped me let go of the anxiety I felt as a teenager as a result of the pressure to be and do something ‘special’ and ‘important’ with my life, and return to a sense of prevailing inner peace that isn't reliant on anything external.

He has called it “the world’s best-kept secret.” It is so simple, to just drop all this pressure we pile on to ourselves and re-discover just how much joy and fulfilment can be found in simply being alive. But we get lost chasing the same thing from external rewards.

To me, inner stability is the greatest win. And it has been that solid platform of inner strength and peace that has allowed me to get out of my own way and boldly follow my heart, achieving dreams my younger self doubted were possible. (Like publishing this book!)

What are your earliest memories of magic?

From my experience, it is our internal state that paints the world. And in stillness it becomes obvious just how much magic there is all around. To me, magic is everywhere. It is the canvas that all of life exists upon if we stop and take it all in.

All my memories of magic are in the moments when I’ve dropped from my head and into the kind of uninhibited presence through which every element of existence starts to appear governed by a splash of magic. Even the most refined of science can’t prove the substance at the centre of all existence...

You have something you need to share with the world in your book and through the film company. Can you tell me?

Expressed no better that the words of Socrates; “Know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

We are epic forces of power, and embody exquisite amounts of energy and potential, limited only by our own minds. What I feel the urgency to share through stories is my own expression of the same thing that has been shared for centuries through ancient cultures, buddhism, yogi philosophy, ect.

It is to point the reader or the viewer in the direction of the incomparable expanse of personal power and innate wisdom we all contain within, when we reclaim it from all the areas of our lives we let it leak.

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