Regional Arts W.A Artist of the Month Feature

Updated: Mar 24

This month, I was featured as Regional Art W.A's artist of the month. I have shared a link to the full article below, where I talk about my journey to becoming an Author and Independent Filmmaker, my creative process working from the tiny, beachside town of Yallingup, W.A, and the projects that I have been working on!

Here is the article;

Regional Arts W.A is an organisation passionate about helping give artists in regional areas opportunities that they mightn't otherwise get exposed to. I'm so grateful for their support of my work, they have some pretty awesome grants and programs if anyone reading this is a West Australian based artist!!

Also, another word of gratitude - I would not be doing what I'm doing without this creative partnership with my brother, Frank Bennett. He is the Co-Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Sound Designer for our films. He such a visionary force of creativity, and has the most unique way of seeing the world. When we are bouncing ideas of each other, the are no boundaries!

Again, a link to the article; :)

With Love,