Healing with Food

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

How clean, conscious eating and intermittent fasting helped free my mind from limiting beliefs and my body unlock higher clarity, energy and joy!

When I was young I was sick a lot. I have an extremely sensitive stomach and system that reacts severely against anything remotely toxic, but when I was younger, I didn't understand this. I just thought there was something wrong with my body, and when I was having little luck with traditional doctors in figuring out what the 'wrongness' was, I started looking at who was healthy and thriving in the world, and using them as models.

I researched the healthiest, happiest, and strongest/longest-living races across the world; the Okinawa tribe, the Hunza, the people of Ikaria, and quickly saw the common threads in their lifestyles;

They all live in close, cooperative communities in nature and aren't exposed to enough toxins, technology or materialism to be trapped in the loops of always wanting. Wanting more.

They stay relatively active until death - even if just the simple survival activities of harvesting food, and tending to gardens, ect, - have yoga practices, the seniors are highly respected and regarded as the bearers of wisdom, and they have simple unprocessed diets of locally grown fruits and vegetables, purple sweet potatoes, some nuts, seeds and wholegrains, and little if any meat.

Of what I've read of Okinawan's, they have a mindful relationship with food, eat slowly and generally abide by the guidelines of 'Eat until you're %80 full'.

And for it, their lives are not only extended, but the quality of their embodied experience is significantly richer than that of the average Westerner. They beat many illnesses and are reported to be generally happier.

It makes sense. It's the natural way. And the cool thing is, we don't need to seclude ourselves from society on a mountain range, naked in every sense of the word to achieve greater health, vibrancy and peace, we can simply adapt our lifestyles to one of purer essence. We can simply integrate the core foundations of their lifestyle into our own.

It became so obvious that the way of life I was bought up to believe is 'normal', is so out of touch with our true nature it's frightening. It's happening. Its reality. But it can be frightening.

So I began limiting the toxins in my environment where I could. I cultivated a morning ritual that involved yoga, nature, silence and energy clearing, and cleaned out my diet, eventually stripping away ALL processed foods, sugar, heavy foods like bread, and all meat except fish. ( I was already allergic to dairy, eggs and soy). I lean towards a high plant-proteins, aurvedic (traditional Indian) inspired diet, using lots of healing herbs, spices and slow cooked warm foods that are easy on my particularly sensitive digestive system.

The quality of my life quickly began to enrich.

I began healing.

And not just my physical body.

My mind became clearer, my ability to think, interpret people and experiences, see the world as it is without the filters of a blurry, sluggish mind. My energy increased remarkably. My body became lighter and lighter, no longer burdened by the weight of heavy foods and illness, and it became evident that when stripped back; the human body is naturally buoyant, brimming with an abundant supply of energy and vitality. Which would have been unbelievable to me before I experienced it, for everywhere I look people seem to be constantly "tired" and complaining about how run down they are... And I was too!

What amazes me is the extent to which our minds limit the amounts of energy and buoyancy we experience. The expanse of our health and vibrancy. Like we put a lid on our channel of energy just to fit in with the way people function around us.

But just because 'everyone's' acting a certain way, doesn't mean that it's right.

So many of us believe we only have a certain amount of energy before it's spent for the day, and only a certain level it can rise to. But what if we removed the lid? What if we unhooked the hinges and let it fly off in the wind. What if the channel was infinite, ever-flowing, and this whole time we've needed only to allow.

The amount of beliefs we wrap ourselves in, layer upon layer cripples us.

What if we all let go. For our human ability to transform is also equally profound.

What if we adopt a habit of examining each belief as they arise and toss them in the trash. What if we could unpeel, layer by layer the skins that we confine ourselves in. Because whether a product of social or parental conditioning, at some point we chose attach to each belief. We chose to put a limit on ourselves.

Maybe you remember being a kid, and feeling so bubbly and joyful, bursting with energy. Pure happiness for no reason other than to simply wake up and be alive...

That amount of natural buoyancy is still within you! It is you, and you can live there. It's just been wrapped up by worry, stress, negativity, self-criticism, fear, limiting beliefs, pressure to 'be somebody', always wanting more, more... when did all this begin? It's madness.

"We locked ourselves in cages."

This is one of the most relieving truths I ever heard from my teacher Rohan, for if "we are our own jailer" then we're also the sole keeper of the key that sets us free.

And when we begin to take ownership and reclaim our own power, the iron bars that contained us begin to melt. It becomes as easy as simply walking out, yet as challenging as cultivating the level of cunningness needed to shift our whole mindset and drop beliefs that have become so ingrained in our body that we don't even realize we're trapped.

My prison-break began before I was even aware I'd been imprisoned, through process of cleaning my body. I started the process with food, with the initial intention to feel physically better, and heal an illness. I was sick of being sick.

And naturally my mind became more available to be cleaned out with my body. I discovered trapped emotions and fears were the roots of many of my pains, which stirred a journey of healing far deeper than the one I set out on. Where the burden of being sick became a blessing, prompting me to look inwards, to heal damaging beliefs and trapped emotions. To find truth. To find freedom.

Love Sita

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