Frog Choir

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

A lyrical, Introspective Guest Post through the eyes of Frogs by Frank Bennett, from his blog at

Swimming through their liquid world, silent under fallen branches, silent over soaked dirt, debris. Smooth chocolate-brown world in youth, tucked away from the forest's dance of colour and sound. An aquatic womb holding juvenile souls, protection through malleable skin. Time is absent. Sun comes, sun goes.

On a clear night she takes her first steps, takes her first breath. A thousand white eyes staring down, one draws a thick stripe through the river, it glows. Her brothers and sisters join and start to sing in harmony. A song unrehearsed, melodies gifted to them by their birthing mother. Sounds course through this night air, blend into a morning song and rich sweet colour soaks into her brand-new world. Birds join in, trees whisper "hello,” and as our newest daughter of the forest leaps forward along the leaf-bed ground, her heart smiles into the morning sun.

Frank Bennett is a Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Director and Musician with visionary ideas and the most open, caring heart of anyone I know. He's also my brother! And I feel so blessed to walk through this world beside him. You can find more of his work at

Love Sita

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