Living in a State of Flow

Updated: May 18

When we drop from our mind to experience the world through our body, our heart, our senses; all resistance drops away, and our natural intuition can shine through.

Can you feel it when you take a deep breath?

The rich sense of presence that resides deep within. Unshakable peace. Beyond thought and mental comprehension. Beyond the mind itself.

That wide open space, where your heart pours open and becomes your primary source of intelligence, a space where your own intuition can be unveiled.

Our intuition and true essence can only shine through when we drop the thoughts and gripping's of the mind. And when we live in tune with our inner knowing, we enter a state of harmony with forces more profound and uninhibited than the confines of our own separate body. In union with life itself.

Living in a state of pure flow can be a doorway to your ultimate freedom. Freedom from the mind's constant tendency towards drama, dissatisfaction, wanting more. For we rest our trust in something far more vast than the limited perspective of our own experience.

But can we really live there?

Some people are so lost in the matrix of the mind they're unaware there's even a space beneath it. Many people live out the span of their entire life in ignorance of their own true nature.

And to tune back into it can be a trippy game. For our thoughts are so convincing to be of great value, so demanding of our attention that it's easier to just follow them.

But I encourage you not to choose the easy path.

People love their looping patterns because it's secure. But it's not alive... - Prem Rohan

While easy on the surface, a life dictated by the more dysfunctional aspects of the mind often leads to high amounts of stress, angst and worry. And most of the time, these states are so 'normal' we barely even realize they are states of suffering!

"There's no rest in the mind of man" - Prem Rohan

But deep, unwavering rest is available. It just requires the discipline to quieten the mind. And one way of finding this kind of peace and contentment is by surrendering to the flow of life, and letting go of the illusion of control.

~ Simple but powerful practices I've found helpful in finding this sense of surrender ~

  • Put on rhythmic music and start to move your body. It might only be subtle, just rolling and twisting, wringing, reaching, stretching. Close your eyes and explore how it feels for your body to merge with the music. Maybe you lose attention on where the outline of your body ends and the space around you begins. Maybe you, the music and the air you breath become one substance.

  • Chaotic dancing is also a powerful way to lose yourself . If you're feeling irritated or tight, put on chaotic music and shake like crazy until your worn out.

  • Play! Do things for no reason other than the pure joy it ignites within you.

  • Tune into your body. Listen to what your body needs moment to moment. Do I feel like walking fast right now? or slow? Activity or rest? Am I hungry? or satisfied? What do I truly need, without the mind's interference.

  • When your hungry, take some moments of tuning in, listening to what your body actually needs. Honor what that is without judgement. The wisdom of our body's fundamental instinct to exist in perfect health and balance will always take care of us. When we eat in true alignment with our body, their is no need for our mind to leap in and save us from bad decisions or control our diet, because it's being regulated naturally. You will never be over or under weight, you probably won't even feel the urge to binge on junk food. We usually only crave junk or sugar when our body is depleted in other essential nutrients, to give us a quick energy boost.

  • Journal! Write down an unfiltered stream of whatever passes through. It can be an exploration of emotions, or a stream of creativity, poetry, ideas... Anything! No filter.

  • Yoga and Tai Chi have been powerful practices for me to find inner stillness through stretching open and creating space in both the physical and energy body. With that space, you'll be more present, clear and available to hear what's around you.

  • When asked to do something and the immediate reaction "No" comes up, first investigate whether it was a reaction of fear or resistance. The same goes with an immediate yes response. Are you just trying to please someone? Or is it your heart screaming yes!

  • Trust.



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