An Opportunity for West-Australian-based Emerging Artists

Updated: Mar 24

Last year, in 2020, my brother, Frank Bennett and I both received Next Level Artist Grants from Regional Arts WA to support the development of our creative projects within film and writing. In 2021, I received another grant from Regional Arts W.A to help fund the publication of my latest novel.

*Photo by Frank Bennett

I'm writing this post because if you are an artist between the ages 18 & 26 and live in a regional area of Western Australia, you might also be eligible to apply for this year's round!

Receiving the support from Regional Arts WA this past year has been so empowering and valuable beyond words as a young, emerging artist and my projects within both writing and filmmaking have progressed more rapidly than they could have without it.

I was recently interviewed with another past Next Level Grant recipient, Rita Bush, about our experiences with the program & our projects, which I have linked here;

As expressed in the interview, I highly encourage anyone who is serious about their creative career to look into the program and anything else the organisation has to offer;

With Love,