Maya of the In-Between Book by Sita Bennett

A young woman's sacred journey of self-discovery against the backdrop of two contrasting inter-dimensional worlds.

One is Dystopian—in which humans ignore the repercussions of industrialization on Nature, and the other Utopian—where humans live in Harmony with Nature and each other.

At it's heart, "Maya of the Inbetween is the journey of a shy girl stepping boldly into her personal power as life chaotically unfolds around her." ~ Goodreads Review

Planet Earth has been depleted, and natural disasters have wiped the land bare in a final attempt to restore balance and survive. All remaining life is contained in one City. A City of iron and technology where the citizens are safe but they are not free.

Until recently, MAYA lived there in hiding, painting visions of a vibrant valley where nature still thrives. She's a Sëer, a Mystic, a Feeler... and a Rebel.

Life imitates art when she sees the man she paints—a young, bright-eyed German officer, BJÖRN—who tells her the world she's been painting is real, and he's determined to find it.


 In a race against the Control and a quest for truth and freedom, they escape the City and cross dimensions to seek the help of a sophisticated race of beings — keepers of the Earth's sacred mysteries — to save it from total self-destruction.


Only to discover they don't believe it is worth saving...

A devastating exploration of climate change and human ignorance.

An awakening of consciousness.

An epic adventure.

And a slow-burn Love Story.



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★★★★★ "Where do I start with this beautifully written book! It entered my world in perfect timing and has brought me more than any book has before. Sita Bennett takes you on a journey in a beautifully written story that if you allow it, will completely encapsulate you and shift your reality forever.


It’s hard to put down but I found myself savouring every page so that I could escape to the mystical worlds of the in-between more and more. Whilst reading this book, I became transfixed in the imagery and visuals that are so well painted. It meant I was able to step inside the book and fully immerse myself in the sometimes heart-wrenching painful or purest of experiences of Maya’s. I felt more sadness, despair, joy, and peace than I thought I could feel from a book because of this.

I related so much to Maya’s character and her journey. Her sensitivity to the world, suffering, and the inner turmoil of growing up in a society that lives in extremely outwards ways of which we grow up with such a disconnect to our internal worlds. I personally have experienced a very similar feeling of isolation to those around me and reading this book gave me a sense of support, invaluable insight into what being ‘sensitive’ really means, and allowed me to see the raw beauty in the way that I am. After reading this book I can now say I see my sensitivity as a strength, something to nurture and honour rather than suppress and see as a weakness. For that, I am so grateful.

I didn’t expect to receive all this from a book but because of this I could not recommend it enough. I am so excited to read the second and all of the authors future works..." - Goodreads


★★★★★ "In Maya of the Inbetween, Bennet adds Tolkien-like world-building to a YA dystopia akin to Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. Elements of environmentalism and yoga philosophy are woven throughout. The fantasy and science fiction elements add interest and prove that Bennett isn’t too self-serious. Maya is also an unexpected heroine. She’s quiet, introverted, and empathetic. The only traditional heroic quality she embodies is tenacity. Overall, she’s sweet and relatable. 

Maya of the Inbetween is interesting because it takes place in a dystopia then a utopia, taking Margaret Atwood’s ustopia idea to new levels, since both places are also utopias. It also serves its purpose as a warning about the environment and a reminder of how easily a society can slip into tyranny, especially when its citizens are afraid. 

So, how do we heed the warnings of Bennett, Bradbury, Atwood, Orwell, Huxley, and others? By first remembering the words of Carl Sagan. In The Demon Haunted World he writes, “Part of the duty of citizenship is not to be intimidated into conformity.” This is what makes Maya such a great heroine; she never allows herself to be intimidated into conformity, whether she’s in the City or the Santosha Valley." - Picking Books, Book Blog

★★★★★ "Wow. It's rare that I find a dystopian novel that is equally a utopian one. And this one is the most spiritual one I can remember reading in a while.


This is especially poignant now with the situation around the world. I wonder if the author is aware of just how much truth there is in this novel; it relates pretty closely to other life experiences of mine, along with some of my shamanic journeys in this one.

If you only read one dystopian novel this year - please make it this one! You won't be disappointed." 

— Goodreads Review


★★★★★ "If you or someone you know, is quieter than most, intelligent, observational, a sensitive, this book is a dream find..."

—  Goodreads Review


★★★★★ “…It’s like the writer has peeked into the future, it feels so realistic.”

ARC Reader.



★★★★★ “Words truly do fall short in describing the profound way this book has impacted me. I was encapsulated from the very first page and completely fascinated at the unfolding story and all that lay beyond the words.


I have always found much value in books, particularly ones that hold deeper truer, meanings. And in these rarer cases books have served as a way to make sense of deeper truths that I have struggled to make sense of myself. Maya of the inbetween has been exactly that and more. It has been an invitation to explore myself, my experiences and the world around me in a unique way. I continue marveling at the beautiful essence & wisdom that has been weaved into the tale weeks after finishing.

The gratitude I feel to have a book of this caliber in my hands is truly immense. And I thank the writer, Sita, for the gift you have given all who are lucky enough to receive the stories, lessons and deep love held within this book. An invitation into deep love and trust.

I can’t help but wonder what I may have missed, and think I will have to simply read it again to find out.”

Goodreads Review.

★★★★★ "From the moment I started reading Maya of the In-between I was totally captured by it and didn’t want to put it down ... The descriptive world and characters unfolding were so believable that I felt like I was in it.

Maya’s journey was incredibly profound, and her special energy that emanated from the story has stayed with me long after finishing the book. I thoroughly recommend you to read this book that will open your mind to different realms of possibility and reality.

I hope it makes it to the big screen, it would be a visual treat!"

—  Goodreads Review


★★★★★ "Wonderful read. I enjoyed the unique and poetic style. The writer seems to have a deep understanding of the experience of the mystical. Themes of higher consciousness woven into a delightful and engaging story which seem to speak to something beyond the conscious mind.
I’d recommend it for anyone who loves a good fantasy adventure story and who is drawn to the deeper mysteries."

- Goodreads Review


★★★★★ "This book had me going the WHOLE time, and I wish there were more books that captured the heart in this way. I can't recommend it enough to other readers who enjoy reading mystical novels and have a curiosity about what more there is to life other than the mundaneness we are all taught... beautiful. I have a little bit left to go and don't want to finish it because that means there will be mone left to read... bring on book two!" 

- Goodreads Review