It began as homemade movies and street shows, acting classes, and community theatre. Since her first role in a film at the age of 15, Sita has been passionately pursuing a career in acting and storytelling. 


She has trained intensively with a number of acting teachers and institutions across Australia, and studied both creative and screen writing, as well as holistic therapy and yoga. 

In late 2019, Sita co-wrote and created a 30-minute short film, The Mitoté, in partnership with her brother Frank Bennett in which she plays the lead. In 2021 they made a follow-up film, The Dance of Samsara. They are now working on a third film in a series of mind-bending, labyrinth films that each explore the nature of existence, the inner workings of the mind, and awakenings of consciousness.

Together, Frank and Sita co-founded Lightdance Productions.

Sita is also a published author of empowering fantasy adventure novels for young adults. 

Her passion lies in stories about warrior hearts - characters who are forced to endure extreme circumstances and as a result, undergo journeys of significant personal transformation.


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Sita Bennett